The lovers, carved passionately embracing a century ago by Rodin, are in this image bound even more closely together with a mile of string, by the contemporary artist Cornelia Parker.

Parker intends her binding of the lovers to symbolise the complexity of desire, suffocating as well as passionate.

It also contains an art historical reference: in 1942 the artist Marcel Duchamp used a mile of string to criss-cross a gallery space, so that visitors had to pick their way through his cobweb to gain access to a major exhibition of surrealist art.


  • "The complexity of desire, suffocating as well as passionate." What are your thoughts on the complex issue of desires and the urgent longings of the heart? How can they be suffocating?  Can they be liberating?

On image | Days Like These, Tate Triennial Exhibition of Contemporary British Art 2003, Tate Gallery, Tuesday 25th February - May 26, 2003.

To see an image of the string-free "The Kiss" click here.


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